Cinko is an Ugly Doll of the deep. Keep him away from water though...Cinko he can't swim! Cinko is very shy and quiet, but has a funny sense of humor. He likes to waddle around and stick his tongue at everything and everyone. Because this is not polite for people to do, Cinko makes the perfect pal! Instead of sticking your tongue at folks, just hold up Cinko and let his funny little face do the talking for you. Cinko looks up to his older brother, Target, and follows him around wherever he goes. If you tape a red button to your forehead, Cinko will follow you too. Cinko is retired as of 2010, So he is on Amazon. He bears a striking resemblance to Cold Feet, as for he is a direct reference to Cinko's Series 3 Little Ugly Plush Toy. Or is he?